Peace Building at San Anton Palace

Students of St. Patrick’s School were invited to participate in the 4th edition of the President’s Secret Garden.  This year’s theme was a special one and focused on PEACE BUILDING. The first part of the event was held at the President’s Palace in San Anton on the 10th of May.  A number of activities were organized with the aim to offer a safe and respectful space that encourages and empowers children to be active citizens in the world and agents of positive change in their own communities.

The activities included various workshops where students were encouraged to engage creatively through arts-based activites such as creating posters based on the theme, producing a video and Tshirt painting.  Students had also the opportunity to meet MEP’s Miriam Dalli and  Roberta Metsola.  

The second part of the activity was held within the school on the 15th of May where students shared their experience and outcomes with their peers and together drew up a declaration as a school.  The main aim being that of promoting Peace Building within the school environment and beyond.

Susanna Callus