Patrick at St. Patrick's School


This year’s Prize giving ceremony was held on the 9th of May.  For this year’s event we chose to go back to the small quaintly school theatre, with its intimate setting.

Arsanious Saadalla, a fifth former student, opened the evening. In his address he praised the school for the attention it gives to its students.  Having been admitted in Form 2 he could witness the difference.  At St. Patrick’s he felt safe and valued. He conluded by saying that as Saint Patrick converted, so does the school. It converts boys to men.

And that was the theme chosen for this year’s theatrical performance: The conversion of Saint. Patrick. Through combined songs, spoken dialogue and dance, the production covered Patrick’s life from his capture to his conversion to Christianity.

The Headmaster, Fr Jesmond Apap, then addressed the audience.  He thanked all those involved and took the opportunity to explain the new Educational Reform which is taking place on a National Level. 

The newly appointed Rector, Fr Eric Cachia, proceeded with the distribution of the Prizes.  Ms Rose Axisa called the boys and one by one they marched towards the stage proud and excited to receive the well deserved award. For some of them it was an overwhelming experience.

After the ceremony, a small reception was held for our

Susanna Callus