Animal Day Remembered
at St. Patrick's School


“Eveytime you come acroos  an injured stray, call 1717”. That was Mr George Falzon’s plea when he visited St. Patrick’s Salesian School. 

Mr Falzon, officer from the Animal Welfare Promotion Serices Directorate was invited to address the students on the occasion of Animal Awareness Day on October 4th. He was accompanied by Luke who forms part of the Inspection Team and Stella, a sweet malamute, once an abandoned dog, now a happy queen.  The students were shown a clip on the services provided by the Directorate and the procedures they follow when reports are logged in. He encouraged all not to be afraid to report if they witness any form of abuse on animals whether it’s lack of a proper shelter, food, etc. as calls remain anonymously.   He stressed about the importance of microchipping dogs as this would facilitate its traceability should any mishap occurs.

As a final remark, Mr Falzon said that although all dogs and cats are special, however if one is ever inclined to have a new furry friend in the family, to visit animal sanctuaries and adopt a stray and save a life.

As a way of helping and marking this day, the staff at St. Patrick’s renewed their commitment and embarked on a Sponsor a dog campaign,  AAA being their beneficiary.  A casual day for students was also organized for this cause.

Susanna Callus