3E Citizens for Year 9, 10 and 11

Students from St.Patrick’s Salesian School participated in a one day seminar named ‘3E Citizens’. The main aim was to increase the students’ civic knowledge, skills and disposition.

Last  March,  Malta  became  the  second  European  Union  country to  grant  16-year-olds  the  right  to vote.   During a special Parliamentary session the day after, young people gathered to express their satisfaction at having been granted this right, but at the same time asked for more education so as to be  better  equipped  to  fulfill  their  new  obligations  as  stipulated  by this  law.   3E  Citizens  uses  the young people’s call as the starting point and aim of this seminar.

This seminar was organized byAġenzija  Żgħażagħ  and  the  Social  Studies  Department  within  the  Directorate  for  Learning  and Assessment  Programmes and was targeted for  students in Year 9, 10 and 11.  It was conducted by Ms Isabelle Mallia and was divided into 3 workshops. The 1st workshop took the form of a panel discussion with students sitting on the panel to elaborate more on implications, rights and responsibilities of 16+ voting.  

The 2nd one was intended to help the students to explore and understand how a bill becomes law and the last one gave the students the opportunity to work in groups to discuss given issues and then to defend them with the rest of the other students.  A fruitful morning indeed for the future generation.

Susanna Callus