Live-Ins - A homely experience

Bro Johan is a new member at St. Patrick’s School and through him, we have a new addition to our school calendar of events this year - The Live-Ins.  The maiden voyage took place on November  9th for F4 & 5 followed by Form 3 the week after. 

The excitement could be felt from the start.  It was so delightful to see both groups lined up with their hand luggage ready for adventure.  So on Friday as soon as the last lesson ended, they all rushed into the refectory for some hot chocolate and sandwiches.  The cheers and laughter and improvisations of Queen Songs were a clear indication of what was going to be the main characteristic.  And we were proved right.  From Sliema we headed towards Gharghur into the cave of San Brincat on top of the world for a cook out.  The views from up there are spectacular.  The villages beneath us looked like traditional cribs with their flickering lights. 

Nothing was left out – food, ghost stories, a night walk and marshmellows topped with chocolate.  Before leaving the cave we found some time for reflection and than off to B’Bugia for a sleep over.  The next morning, after the traditional English B’fast, we defied the weather and did some community work at AAA – the association for abandoned animals.

We even donated the sum of €225 we had previously collected as a school.  The following week we also had to weather the storm so to speak, but we still managed to do a clean up in the village that was giving us hospitality – B’Bugia.

Back home we cooked together, played games, laughed and got to know each other, both boys and staff, in a different context.  It is an experience worth repeating.  It is a way to reach the students, to spend more time with them away from the four walls of the classroom, to get to know who they really are, to let them and us experience the true Salesian spirit.  As Don Bosco wrote ‘In every young person, a point of goodness is accessible.  And it is the primary duty of the educator to discover that sensitive cord of the heart so as to draw out the best in the young person’.  And what better way than a weekend together?

Susanna Callus