Don Bosco Celebrations


Although in all Salesian schools, St. John Bosco is remembered everyday, the 31st of January still marks an important day on our calendar.   It is a day of celebration, a celebration of life.  A life dedicated completely towards the young. His spirit lives amongst us, guides us and protects us. 

And rightly so on the 31st of January, we started off with the celebration of the Eucharist animated by various members of the staff.

After mass it was time for some physical activity led by Sir Dominic.  All students and teachers alike were ready to show their sportsmanship.  Equipped with trainers and sports wear, they all joined their respective teams and on to the Bosco Games.

While the games were underway, the kitchen brigade was busy preparing lunch for all. And so, after the winning teams were announced, lunch was served in the refectory bringing to an end a wonderful day.

Susanna Callus