A Celebration of Reading


There is so much to thank authors for and World Book day serves as  the perfect occasion for this.  Ernest Agyemang Yeboah once wrote  “Just imagine what you are losing just because you are not reading!”.... A world where everything becomes possible. Books have immortilized great minds. 

At St. Patrick’s this day could not be missed.  And so as part of their celebrations, the school invited Reading Ambassadors Carmel Busuttil and Saviour Darmanin on the 30th of April. During the activity they read and had a discussion with the students. Following the reading sessions, a number of students also shared their literary talents with their peers.

As a bonus, Carmel Busuttil joined the boys in the school yard for a short dribbling session. St. Patrick’s would like to thank The National Literacy Agency for their participation. A special thanks goes to the Reading Ambassadors and to Agenda Bookshop for their kind donation.

Susanna Callus