Sports Events at St. Patrick's

The month of May has two important feasts for Salesian schools; St. Domenico Savio and Mary Help of Christians.  At St Patrick’s school we celebrate them both through sport.
On St. Domenico Savio, the annual fun games were organised.  The idea of fun games is to encourage all students to participate and have fun in a healthy way.  Don Bosco always encouraged the youth to enjoy themselves as much as they like if only they keep away from sin.   Students were divided into teams  and they all had the opportunity to get involved. Adults also ensued.

On the 24th of May, the school celebrated the feast of Mary Help of Christians.  It is also the day where the Sports Day is held thus marking the end of all sports activities for this scholastic year. For the second time, the event took place at our sister school Savio College, Dingli.  The grounds looked huge and the race tracks stood out prominently.
All the boys put on their bib pertaining to their respective house and at 9.15am the whistle blow gave way to the first race of the day. A beautiful day, full of laughter and healthy competition.

Susanna Callus