Aħna numru ta' persuni imħarrġa professjonalment f'ħiliet differenti. Għalkemm il-ħiliet tagħna huma differenti u speċċjalizzati aħna naħdmu bħala tim sabiex noffru għajnuna psikoloġika u kunfidenzjali lit-tifel u lill-familja li jiġu bżonn is-servizzi tad-dar residenzjali jew l-iskola ta' St. patrick's.

L-għajnuna li noffru hija ta' diversi tipi skond il-bżonnijiet tat-tifel u l-familja.

Noffru servizzi ta' 'Dramatherapy', 'Educational Psychology', 'Family Therapy' u 'Gestalt Psychotherapy'.

Barra minhekk naħdmu ħafna ma' professjonisti oħra bħal għalliema, 'social workers', 'care workers', u professjonisti minn aġenziji oħra.

B'hekk inkunu nistgħu nilħqu l-bżonnijiet tat-tifel b'mod aktar sħiħ.


Since St. Patrick's embraced a vision that sought to assess and meet the child's individual needs and move away from an institutional set-up and a 'one size fits all' idea, it asked for a differentiation of services to suit the individual child's needs, replacing one that resorted to long term institutional care.

The setting up of a dramatherapy service at St. Patrick's in September 2000 was the first step on a journey to set up the current Support Services Team. This is composed of a multi disciplinary team that aims to develop further into a trans disciplinary team that will work in harmony with other units in order to identify and meet, through intervention and evaluation, the therapeutic needs of children at St. Patrick's.




We use a therapeutic approach that focuses on the child's attachment needsand highlights the child's past experiences and how present care and educative experiences can address such needs.

We use a therapeutic and assessment approach that adopts a systemic perspective in understanding how the different parts of the child's family and / or care set-up fit and how each influence each other in a recursive circular pattern. Interventions with all different parts of the systemn rather than just with the child are seen as crucial and most desirable.

We hold as important an overall sensitivity towards co-working with the different professionals involved in the child's care plan.

We have an action research base that seeks to measure efficacy and understand what has been most and least helpful in meeting the therapeutic needs of children at St. Patrick's. We aim that such research contributes to local knowledge on children in care andmay lead to the potential adaptation of the service being provided along indicators emerging from research.

Individual psychotherapeutic interventions with children at St. Patrick's residential placement as well as with those attending the school

Systemic therapeutic interventions done conjointly with teachers, residential social workers and unit leaders / care workers

Family therapy interventions with families of children in short or medium term residential care especially where family reintegration is seen as a desirable goal in the child's care plan

Educational psychologist assesments and interventions

Coordinating efforts for the setting up of Individual Educational Programs / Plans

Setting up training and staff development

Support to care and school staff; designing in collaboration with other workers specific ckills based training and other interventions (e.g. mentoring, support group, issue specific therapy groups).