Contemporary Painting of Malta

An exhibition of Contemporary Paintings of Malta was organized by Alaine and Peter Apap Bologna at St. Patrick’s Salesian School. In her speech Alaine said: “Our faithful friends, George Large, Peter Quinn and Ruth Bacmeister, have all contributed to depicting the beauty of life and specifically of Malta and Gozo.”

“George, whose art depicts people at work or play, in full movement – fishermen, toiling in and out of Marsaxlokk – in his unique style. Peter catching the way of life here, with his attention to culture, habits and architecture. Ruth, reproducing the beauty of our coastlines and townscaoes in miniature acrylics. The multi-talented Kenneth, whom we launched some umpteen years ago at Melitensia Art Gallery – the humorous depicter of Maltese tradition and now land and seascapes and ‘fuori-dentro’. Last but definitely not least our Gozitan Austin, an other kettle of fish. He depicts the mind and soul, he questions them. I suggest that we should be proud of his achievements in Malta and abroad.”

All proceedings went to St. Patrick’s, and the rector, Fr. Charlie Said sdb, thanked everyone for their contributions. He explained how St. Patrick’s helps the young to thrive despite all the difficulties they’ve faced through their lives.