Lejla Maltija Fundraiser

As youth workers and youngsters we organized a fund raising activity for the youth exchange which will be held in Greece from the 5th till the  12th of July. Teamwork and adventure is what characterizes the exchange.  For the Lejla Maltija fundraiser, held on the 17th of June there were plenty of tasks to be carried out. All of us had to work hard and as a group. As the day came close we got moving by loading tables, mounting gazebos, sound and lighting systems, platters and desserts.

What a satisfaction to see so many people who came over on the day to enjoy the wonderful evening. Guests were all focused not to miss bingo numbers being drawn, singing along with the music and enjoying the mouth-watering food which was excellently served. The atmosphere was gorgeous and family-like. On the night we had more activities and people enjoyed every minute they spent here. Now we are all geared and hyped up for the youth exchange! Thanks to everyone for the great help!

Fabrizio Falzon