Get Together

Last Year we managed to bring past pupils together three times, all with fantastic results. Most were those that left St. Patrick's within the last 12 years or so. The first was on the 29th March, then 11th October and just recently 15th November. I mentioned fantastic results because each time we see new faces, thus an increase in numbers.

They come for a game of soccer and catch up on old times. Although it poured with rain on the last gathering, it didn't stop the hunger these guys have to be together ones again. Some sat around watching homemade videos which I filmed for them when they were still at St. Patrick's. Others played a game of pool or billiards while those lads that let nothing stops them from a good game of soccer with friends ventured out into the rain and organized a tournament. Yes they went home soaking wet but with a big smile on their face.

The average turn out for these events is between 30 to 50 people who include past pupils and some family members with a friend or two. Positively enough even past staff members joined in (those that worked with them when at St. Patrick's).

Tony Sammut