We feel proud to host the EuroBosco 2013 from Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th November in Malta at the Intercontinental Hotel.  We welcome all the Past Pupils of Europe who will participate at the Congress. 

Malta is small in size but rich in values.  We have been dreaming for a long time to organize the EuroBosco in Malta.  The theme of the EuroBosco: “The Identity and Mission of the Past pupils of Don Bosco of Europe in the Mediterranean area”  is very appropriate for the situation that Malta is facing with the phenomenon of migratory in Europe.  I am sure that this Congress will help us to understand better the situation we are facing in the Mediterranean, and action will be taken so that  the Past Pupils of Don Bosco will organize themselves to contribute to solve this serious problem.  In the world of today we are all called to give a hand to create a better world and to defend the dignity of those in need and who are suffering.  I am sure that if Don Bosco was here today, he would be in the front line to take action to defend the homeless, the poor and the needy. In the name of the Maltese Federation of the Salesian Past Pupils, I would like to welcome you to this historical event, and I wish you an enjoyable stay in the island of St. Paul.

Mr. Saviour Bianchi - President of the Salesian Past Pupils of Malta.