Our school commemorated the European Week for Waste Reduction between the 22nd and the 30th of November 2014. Today we held our election for the Eko-Skola Committee. The Eko-skola committee is made out of elected representatives from Form 1 to Form 5, who meet on a weekly basis to work on an action plan and coordinate activities within and outside the school. Our school commemorated world Environment Day on the 28th of May by co-ordinating a clean-up day around Sliema.
Our school took the opportunity to be involved in a project of planting 100 trees at school which would eventually be transferred to Buskett once they have grown enough. On the 3rd of December, three members of the Eko Skola committee, the Link teachers and the Head of School, were invited to a ceremony held at the President's Palace in Valletta to receive the green flag. Today was a very important day for the Eko Skola members of our school. During break time, all the members met to discuss the roles of the Eko Skola committee.
Following the Silver Award we received at the beginning of last scholastic year, the Eko Skola Committee, together with all those who attend our school worked tirelessly for a more prestigious award: The Green Flag Award. Five EkoSkola Committee members participated in an environmental review which took place at 'Le Meridien' Hotel in St.Julians on the 25th of April. The aim was to increase environmental awareness within the tourist industry. Green MT, the National Waste Packaging Authorized Scheme has earlier this month launched its School Education Campaign for scholastic year 2013. The aim is to raise awareness about the need to REUSE, REDUCE and RECYCLE.