Remembering Don Bosco

The 31st of January marks the death anniversary of our founder St. John Bosco.  It is a day of celebration, a celebration of his life, it is a day that cannot pass unnoticed in a Salesian school.  And in fact it didn’t.

For a day, text books, classwork and homework were kept on hold.  Even the classrooms had their annual break. Rightfully so, the day started with a mass animated with live music. Mass over all students gathered in the yard and eight teams were formed. The sound of the whistle revereberated through the yard, officializing the Bosco Games.  Football, Table soccer, Relay and Tug of War started concurrently. Every single student strived to bring as many points as possible to his team.  At 12.30hrs the last whistle blow marked the end of the games. Games over, sports items were collected and everyone headed towards the refectory where baked ravioli were waiting to be served. The winners of the games were announced and as tradition has it, staff and students had lunch together.  A beautiful way to remember our founder.

Susann Callus