Prize Giving Ceremony at St.Patrick's

A real treasure becomes such only after it's been desperately sought after. Perhaps these words sound too grand to describe a school prize-day. But the fact remains that they hold true. For a prize-day is not about what is received on the day but the road that led to it. It is a celebration of hard work. On these lines Colton Gauci, who has just finished his Form 5, opened this year’s ceremony held on the 12th of May 2017.

Coincidentally, this year’s play also touched upon the same theme, about one who strayed from the straight and narrow only to find that the road paved with gold led to nowhere. Sounds biblical but I am referring to Pinocchio. Pinocchio sets off with the best of intentions to please his father Geppetto but could not resist the constant temptation offered by the cat and the wolf. All ends well however, and with a dose of magic Pinocchio achieves his dream – becoming a real boy. A rousing applause expressed the pleasure of the audience. The musical was a joint effort between staff and students, an example of hard work and commitment on both sides.

The Headmaster, Fr Jesmond Apap, then addressed the audience, taking the opportunity to explain new initiatives being taken for the improvement of the school such as language meetings and the Form 1 Process Group which is aimed at improving class dynamics and facilitate the educative process. He also thanked all those involved in this in St Patrick’s. The Rector, Fr Charlie Said, then spoke about all the effort being done and how this mirrors the energy of our founder and how we should always strive to foster his spirit in all our works.

The prizes, treasures in their own right, were then given. Treasures because my, and all teachers’, love for books allows no other words. I harboured a secret joy in overhearing students discuss the books they had won especially because books today have a lot of competition. There are many more attractive, and expensive, diversions. But though the price is higher, the value is not.

This sentiment was echoed as the evening proceeded with the Form 5 farewell party. The traditional photo presentation of the school leavers brought the usual laughs and jibes as the young adoloscents relived the immense gap between eleven and sixteen. And so another generation of young hopefuls left the doors that had welcomed them five years ago. May the road they take lead them to the treasure they desire.

Adrian Scerri