Sports Day at St. Patrick’s School

The tradtion at St Patrick’s is to celebrate the feast of Mary Help of Christians with the Sports Day. The special prayer each morning for nine days had somehow became part of the countdown adding to the build up. A sense of excitement hovered above the restless boys during morning assembly.
For days boys had been comparing their performances during P.E. Now the ulitmate test had come. A bit jittery, we filed down to mass. May seems to bring a touch of nostalgia of my own school days. Perhaps because of the hymns, or the feeling of summer approaching...

Anyway, mass over, the yard quivered with reds, blues and yellows. The events went well. It was a joy to see not only the success of the winners, but also the effort of each and every one. As in all sports, one primarily competes against himself. It is to strive to do better than your last race. Like life, as Kipling said – ‘to fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run.’ At least we’re not alone. As Don Bosco used to hold so dear ‘There is always Mother Mary.’

Adrian Scerri