Put on your trainers and solve the clues

‘Come dressed comfortably’ stated part of the message sent by the headmaster Fr Jesmond Apap. The message came some days before Day 1 of this scholastic year. Common practice in all schools has it that the staff experiences ‘Back-to-School’ a couple of days before their students. It is a time for discussions and preparation for the coming year.

But this year, a freshly unconventional programme awaited the staff. They started with a soul-searching moment in the intimate chapel, where the staff renewed their vows to the teaching profession. Then they proceeded to the theatre, where Ms Caroline from Go Outdoors was waiting.

St Patrick’s iChallenge was explained and three groups were formed: The Thin White Dukes, Sempre Forte and Gzvegovk. Each group was furnished with a tablet and practically walked 7 kilometres round Sliema in the space of three hours. The teams were faced with a variety of challenges, ranging from cultural questions to participating in entertaining activities which challenged their abilities to take amusing photos, shoot videos, dance and sing. iChallenge addressed creativity and originality and fostered synergy in the teams.

The lively atmosphere and good vibes could be felt. At noon the iChallenge ended and all the teams gathered back in the theatre for the results.  All teams were ecstatic.  Some of the photos were shown and the theatre reverberated with laughter and hoorays. Gzevegovk won the challenge and were rightly so awarded and applauded.

After such a euphoric morning, they all gathered in the staff room and ended the day with a small party.  And so the new scholastic year started with a blast of positive energy.

Susann Callus