Working towards a better life for all

Food glorious food.  It is glorious indeed if we eat properly, but how many times do we actually examine the food that we consume everyday! To understand better the importance of developing a healthy eating habit, the school invited Dr Paula Vassallo from the Health Promotion Unit.  She explained what healthy eating really means and that healthy food can taste delicious if it’s prepared well.  She stressed about the importance of avoiding junk food and the harm that it causes to one’s health.  The more one eats healthy food the more one will turn away from junk food.  ‘Eat healthy and you’ll be healthier’ she concluded. The boys responded well to the information given and were surprisingly knowledgable on the topic. And that definintely augurs well.

It was Sander Agius’s turn.  As soon as he stepped into the theatre he was greeted with cheers by the students who recognized the TV presenter and entertainer.  However, Sander didnt come to act out one of his comic roles for which he is so well known. Instead we got to know a different side of the comedian. Sander explained to the boys how, what was initially meant to be just a promotional appearance in a fundraising event, became a life changing journey. 

Together with another 5 personalities he  embarked on a humanitarian and educational project, simply called ‘Il-Proġett’, that took them as far as Zambia.  The main aim was to build a school that would offer free education to 100 children, which project is underway and faring well.  As a contribution to this noble cause, St. Patrick’s School donated the amount of Eur 100.
But the day was not over.  Just before the 1st break, the students gathered in the school corridors where a number of tables were nicely adorned.  A healthy breakfast was served with cereals, yogurts and orange juices.  After breakfast, a couple of lessons were held but although a well balanced diet is the foundation of good health, it doesn’t stop there. It should be accompanied by physical activity.  And so the whole school spent the last 2 lessons in the school yard under the guidance of the well known athlete Xandru Grech who challanged the students’ endurance.

Susann Callus