Celebrating the feast of the Immaculate Conception at St.Patrick's


This is where it all began.  The encounter with Bartholomew Garelli  on the feast of the Immaculate Conception  forged the foundations of what was to become  Don Bosco’s mission to  the young.  A mission which today has expanded throughout the world establishing itself as the third largest missionary organization.

And such a day couldn’t pass unnoticed at St.Patrick’s.  The day started off with a thanksgiving mass celebrated by Fr Francis. After mass we all headed towards the school corridors where the annual Christmas tree lighting was held. With one firm movement, our youngest student put into place the angel on top of the Christmas tree thus giving way to the School Christmas activities.

After this symbolic ritual, all students together with the school staff moved to another part of the school which was transformed into a pastry section. Over 250 mince pies were prepared, baked and packed ready to be sold. All proceeds will go towards the Community Chest Fund.
After the culinary session, the Christmas games were organized. And with the Christmas games, the day came to an end. A beautiful day on a feast of great importance.

Susanna Callus