The kitchen was ready.  Flour, yeast, milk, tomatoes, potatoes and other various delicacies were nicely displayed at Djar il-Bniet in Dingli. 
Environment day was the last activity on our calendar of events for this year. Mr Simon Curmi from Wasteserv was invited to give a talk about the national campaign Dont Waste Waste.
The feast of Mary Help of Christians can’t pass unnoticed here at St. Patrick’s.  Don Bosco had a special reverence to the blessed virgin and made Mary help of Christians the patroness of the Salesians. 
Students of St. Patrick’s School were invited to participate in the 4th edition of the President’s Secret Garden.  This year’s theme was a special one and focused on PEACE BUILDING.

This year’s Prize giving ceremony was held on the 9th of May.  For this year’s event we chose to go back to the small quaintly school theatre, with its intimate setting.

The 31st of January marks the death anniversary of our founder St. John Bosco.  It is a day of celebration, a celebration of his life, it is a day that cannot pass unnoticed in a Salesian school. 
This is where it all began.  The encounter with Bartholomew Garelli  on the feast of the Immaculate Conception  forged the foundations of what was to become  Don Bosco’s mission to  the young.  
Food glorious food.  It is glorious indeed if we eat properly, but how many times do we actually examine the food that we consume everyday! To understand better the importance of developing a healthy eating habit, the school invited Dr Paula Vassallo from the Health Promotion Unit. 
The students  at St.Patrick’s School had 2 singular visitors today.  Bonnie and Clyde.  No they were  no such thing as impersonators of the infamous 1930’s bank robbers, but simply two gentle giant dogs.  An Argentinian and Italian mastiffs.