Duke of Edinburgh's International Award
- Malta -

The Award Locally
The Award Programme was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1956, as a means to encourage and motivate young people over the age of 14 years to become involved in a balanced programme of voluntary self-development activities. The Award Programme was then taken up by a number of Commonwealth Countries, Malta being one of the first countries to take it up in 1961. The Patron of the award is The President of Malta.

The Award is a voluntary, non competitive programme of leisure activities for those aged 14 – 24, designed to offer a personal and individual challenge.
There are three Awards to achieve: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level is completely separate from the others. Young people can choose to join the Programme at the level which best suits them, with each successive level demanding increased commitment and determination.

for those over 14, the minimum period of participation to gain this Award is six months;

for those over 15, the minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 12 months;

for those over 16, the minimum period of participation to gain this award is 18 months.

The Award is a programme that encourages youth to be active, to participate in new activities and pursue current interests in four different areas. It offers them the opportunity to set goals and achieve results in fun and challenging ways. All the levels require participants to carry out:

  • a Service - to learn how to give useful service to others through:
  • an Adventurous Journey - to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery whilst undertaking a journey in a group.
  • a Skill - to encourage the development of personal interests and skills.
  • Physical Recreation - to encourage improved performance and physical fitness.
  • a Residential Project – Young people are required to undertake a residential project at Gold level. This is intended to broaden their experience through involvement with others (who are not their everyday companions) in a residential setting over a period of five consecutive days.


Once all the relevant paperwork was completed, our participants were ready to proceed with the Qualifying Expedition...


The weekend between the 21st and 22nd December signalled our much anticipated first trial expedition for the Bronze Award of the Duke of Edinburgh Award next April...