St. Patrick Salesian School Annual Prize Day

This year’s Prize giving ceremony was held on the 9th of May.  For this year’s event we chose to go back to the small quaintly school theatre, with its intimate setting. Arsanious Saadalla, a fifth former student, opened the evening. In his address he praised the school for the attention it gives to its students.  Having been admitted in Form 2 he could witness the difference.  At St. Patrick’s he felt safe and valued. He conluded by saying that as Saint Patrick converted, so does the school. It converts boys to men.

And that was the theme chosen for this year’s theatrical performance: The conversion of Saint. Patrick. Through combined songs, spoken dialogue and dance, the production covered Patrick’s life from his capture to his conversion to Christianity.

Recent News    
Celebrating the Feast of St. Dominic Savio through Mass and Fun Games. A lovely surprise for the boys, when 3 members of the Champions Valletta FC, visited the events. The Annual Book Fair was officially opened by the Hon. Clayton Bartolo. The Feast of St. John Bosco was celebrated at St. Patrick's School. After the Solemn Mass, the boys enjoyed the Bosco Games. This is where it all began.  The encounter with Bartholomew Garelli  on the feast of the Immaculate Conception  forged the foundations of what was to become  Don Bosco’s mission to  the young.

Food glorious food.  It is glorious indeed if we eat properly, but how many times do we actually examine the food that we consume everyday!