Woofs at St. Patrick's

The students  at St.Patrick’s School had 2 singular visitors today.  Bonnie and Clyde.  No they were  no such thing as impersonators of the infamous 1930’s bank robbers, but simply two gentle giant dogs.  An Argentinian and Italian mastiffs.

These two beautiful creatures were accompanying Dr Luke Vella Varzin, a veterinary within the Animal Welfare Department,  who kindly accepted the school’s invitation to deliver a talk to the students on the occasion of animal awareness day.

Recent News    
‘Come dressed comfortably’ stated part of the message sent by the headmaster Fr Jesmond Apap. The message came some days before Day 1 of this scholastic year. The Way is a Youth exchange that will involve a group of young people from St.Patrick’s School to meet with a group of Spanish youngsters, and walk 150kms of the Camino de Santiago together. The tradtion at St Patrick’s is to celebrate the feast of Mary Help of Christians with the Sports Day. The special prayer each morning for nine days had somehow became part of the countdown adding to the build up. A real treasure becomes such only after it's been desperately sought after. Perhaps these words sound too grand to describe a school prize-day. But the fact remains that they hold true.

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”, the famous comedian Groucho Marx had said.